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Continuing Education for Various Professions

Continuing education has a very important role in a vast number of professions. In any career where a license is required to practice in that profession, continuing education is usually a requirement to continue being a licensed or certified professional. Standards are changing regularly and professionals are expected to sharpen their skills by learning current best practices and new innovative methods within their respective fields.

Seeking Continuing Education Providers

At Continuing Education Online, LLC, we are seeking continuing education authors to partner with us so we can host their courses. If you are a continuing education provider with credit and/or non-credit courses and would like to get more information about how you can become an author with us, please check out our Become an Author page, then send us an email from our Contact page. If you are a professional seeking continuing education units, please check back with us again soon. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we build our author base. Thank you!