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You may have already discovered that Internet self-promotion is extremely time-consuming with no guarantee that you will gain the visibility you need to market your classes effectively. Just imagine, the first-ever website was published on the Internet on August 6, 1991. Since then, that number has grown to almost 1 billion! Our role is to ensure that you and other Continuing Education Providers are quickly found in the rapidly expanding universe of the Internet.

Although there are other sites that seem to offer a similar service, many of them require that you relinquish ownership of your material. This is not – and will never be – our intent. Our goal is to create a space where everyone wins. We will host many diverse professions, and as we bring these groups together and utilize the latest search engine optimization techniques, our technical team will actively promote the website’s visibility in the most popular search engines. This increased visibility will translate to a significantly higher page ranking for our website.

By affiliating with Online Education Providers - Continuing Education Online, LLC , you could spend your time developing your courses and connecting with your students, knowing that we will take care of your visibility. By joining together, our unity as online educators and other professionals can become a commanding presence on the Internet!

Our site’s features include:

  • Access to simple step-by-step instructions for uploading your courses
  • A toll-free number for assistance
  • You retain ownership of your material
  • No conflict of interest if you would like to maintain your own website
  • Monthly record of sales, including client information
  • Individual traffic tracking and suggestions to increase your success
  • Payments sent directly to your account within 48 business hours
  • No ecommerce fees, no hosting fees

We will use 90% of our net profits to benefit chronically homeless individuals and at-risk pets.

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