We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a special PPC function to our website! If you are currently providing continuing education courses (credit or noncredit) to students, but you do not offer online courses, this feature is designed specifically for you.

By taking advantage of our PPC offer, you will be positioned to capture traffic that we are already generating on our website. Interested clients will be able to ‘click’ and be immediately linked to your website where they can learn about your course offerings and the locations where they will be given.

In other words, our PPC feature serves as a ‘conduit’ through which you can gain new clients. Our ultimate goal is – and always has been – to create an environment where everyone wins. Our web designers and marketing team are continually using advanced technology and sophisticated SEO strategies to promote our website on major search engines so that you and other educators can benefit from our rapidly expanding online visibility.

PPC Registration is not difficult – you simply register by clicking “Get Started Now” and agree to our terms of service. The benefits are clear!

  • By registering for our PPC service, you automatically get free advertisement on our website.
  • There are no registration fees.
  • We charge $1.00 per click, and you are only charged for clicks that link to your website
  • There is no time commitment – you are free to remove your website whenever you wish.
  • You always have complete ownership of your content.

Sign up today! You have nothing to lose! If no one clicks on your site, there is no charge!

Please keep in mind that we will use 90% of our net profits to benefit chronically homeless individuals and at-risk pets.

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