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Medical Massage Assessment Skills and Techniques - Muscle Evaluation (Sample Course)

Credits Earned: 8 | Price: $120.00

Muscle evaluation is used to assess the function and effectiveness of the muscles.  Using these muscle evaluations you will be able to identify weak muscles that may be causing the client's  discomfort and  loss of range of motion. Muscle evaluation should not become a test of strength between client and therapist.  When evaluating muscles, use as light of a touch as possible to avoid the "I win" situation.  Any pain during an evaluation will be considered a weakness. Stop the evaluation....

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Electronic device and circuits

Credits Earned: 1 | Price: $0.50


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Credits Earned: 10 | Price: $15.00

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Credits Earned: 2.3 | Price: $32.00

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demo course for text

Credits Earned: 6 | Price: $20.00


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